Monday June 10 2013 : Excitement for the ‘Rez’ Film!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to see the schedule for the showings of the short film ‘Rez’ that I had the pleasure of doing hair, makeup, and wardrobe for almost two years ago! It has come so far and gotten funded so quickly that it actually beat the Seed and Spark Publishing Companies fastest fully funded film! Just to go back and look at how it went from the beginning, here is the initial trailer we started out with: ‘Rez’ Official Trailer”

Recently, the film linked up with Seed and Spark Publishing and they were able to put out an awesome promo video to help raise finishing funds so that the film can be brought out and shown to the people. Check out the page and the video at this link: “Seed and Spark Publishing Promo Video and Page”

This is an amazing film with such a great message, I urge you to go to any of their pages and read the story behind it. Here is a link for the IMDb page as well as Facebook Fan Page. There is also the new poster that is pretty sweet looking! Let me know what you guys think 🙂 ‘Rez’ IMDb Page”!/ontherez’Rez’ Facebook Fan Page”



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