Special Effects Testing

Hello Lovelies!

Trying out some more special effects techniques. Soon I want to do some Star Wars Inspired makeup and maybe another alien type thing. I made a photo compilation of some of the other ones that I have done. Tried out a mermaid/alien type thing, a simple geisha, zombies, sugar candy skull, and more alien inspired things.


Star Wars Alien Inspired


Mexican Candy Skull Inspired


Mermaid Inspired


Tim Burton Geisha Inspired

I also have worked on some other SP/FX with wounds such as bullet, knife, bruises, and scrapes. Trying to expand my skills though. Let me know if you have any suggestions to try out!


Beat up with bruises and a Stab Wound


Gun Shot Wound to the Back


A Cut Throat


A broken nose with lots of swelling..


Cut wrists from a knife…


And of course, some zombie action.

I also tried out some texture techniques using wax for this scary kind of character:


Let me know if you guys have any good ideas for my next work! Hope you are all having a great week!


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