New Book Covers

Hello Lovelies!

I have been able to be a part of several more book covers, and thought I’d post for you to check them out!  The first one is by an amazing author named R Rose.  Her book is called ‘Take my Breath Away’.  Check it out, and here is her Facebook Fan page:

And her Amazon:

She has sworn off maintaining relationships with everyone besides her father and sister and refuses to let anyone in, including her consultation clients, who she guides through everyday life crises. She’s as brutally honest as one should be when their days are numbered. Saying exactly what’s on her mind helps her clients but remains tiresome for her family.

Then Rico shows up and puts up with her attitude. He seems sweet, but she doesn’t quite trust him. Maya digs in, trying to figure him out. And in the process, she feels something she’s never felt before: alive. She swore she’d never subject anyone else to the sorrow her sister and dad will feel when she passes. But Rico makes her feel. Can she stop him from breaking down her walls?

Next up is the Complete Eden Series by Janelle Stalder.  Check out this awesome series its gotten reviews like:

“I don’t know if there are words enough to describe this series accurately. It’s exactly what YA fantasy should be like.”
– Alana Rock from Dark Obsession Chronicles

“All hail Janelle Stalder!!!!! Her Eden series doesn’t disappoint. She grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go until you are so enamored in this amazing world she has created. Her words are like poetry, they flow and mingle and leaves you breathless.” 
– Julie Sumner from Up All Night Reviews

“It’s emotional, beautiful, heartbreaking, wonderful, spectacular, endearing, sweet, funny, amazing, dreadful, drool-worthy, and completely captivating! I’m officially addicted!”
-Maghon Thomas from Happy Tails and Tales Blog

“This is definitely one series I will re-read over and over and over again. I loved absolutely every moment of it.” 
– Kayleigh-Marie Gore from K-Books

“The author pulls us into their world, and by the time the book is over, we want to go back.  Go back to Eden and relive the experiences again. This is one of those books where when you’re through reading it, you miss the characters.” 
– Emerald Barnes, Author Piercing Through the Darkness

Eden is an epic Fantasy ride, following a young boy who is thrown into a world on the brink of war. Along with an ensemble cast of captivating characters, he begins a journey that will change his life and make him question everything he’s ever known. 

Check out her Facebook Page:

And on Amazon:


Lastly, here’s one from the magical Mae I Design and Photography with the awesome Regina Wamba! 


Anyways, I can not wait for spring to come!  I will have so many more posts and work going up, not to mention it won’t be so cold anymore 🙂

Hope your weekend is magical lovelies!


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