Marriage, Love, and Work

Hello my Lovelies!

Holy biscuits it been forever since I last posted!  A lot has happened these past months, and now I can share it with you.  My plan is to put out a new blog post every Sunday now!  WooHoo!!

So I guess first things first, I got married!!

It was some crazy business, what with family coming from different states and figuring out the hotel, food, and bridal party arrangements!  We had it at a vineyard and it was lovely outside.  There was a tent set up right in the square that is cut out of the field, so everyone was surrounded by grapes.


It was more of a bohemian themed wedding, with our colors being corals and minty-blues.  Everything was floral/gardeny styled including our centerpieces and cakes.  I loved the cupcake tower we had in place of sheet cake.  There were three flavors: chocolate cake with Bavarian filling, lemon cake with raspberry filling, and mock angel food with strawberry filling.  Heavenly…

Our ceremony was a mix of my family’s traditions and his.  It was amazing to have so much culture mixed together, check out the photos from it.  Let me know what you would like to hear about in my future posts and don’t forget to subscribe!  Have a great holiday lovelies!


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