Honeymoon, Makeup Musings, and Life…

Hello my lovelies,

Several weeks ago my husband and I got back from our honeymoon!  We had a day at Universal Studios in Florida, and then went on a Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy.  This was my first time on a cruise ship, and although it reminded me of the Titanic as we arrived in the taxi, I was thoroughly excited when I saw it in the distance.

Our cruise took us through the Eastern Caribbean, from St. Thomas to St. John, to Puerto Rico, and finally Disney’s own private island.My favorite stop was probably the catamaran ride to St. John where we got to have our first experience scuba diving!  We saw sea turtles and various fish.  Alfred even swam to the bottom and got some sea shells for me to save so we could remember our time.  Puerto Rico was gorgeous!  We toured the Bacardi Factory and the old fort, as well as walked through the capital.  Here are some shots from the island!

Lastly, We had a short stop on Disney’s private island.  Unfortunately, due to weather we could not go para sailing like we originally had wanted to.  We did get to hike around, eat some amazing BBQ, and swim in the somewhat cold, but can’t complain compared to Minnesota weather water.  I am going to add photos from the island and from our time in Universal which I had forgotten to add in the beginning.  

Overall, I loved the cruise.  Despite sunburn and occasional swaying, the food and shows made this trip amazing!  It is all inclusive so food is all over the place.  Dinner was at the same time each night, and we were assigned seating with the same dinner mates and servers through each of the three restaurants we rotated through.  Enchanted Garden, Royal Court, and Animator’s Palette were the names of the magical eateries.  We also had the chance to see some of the brilliant Broadway style shows.  Aladdin was my favorite!  We also got to catch a showing of ‘Into the Woods’ which was great!

As a somewhat nerd, one of my absolute favorites at Universal was Harry Potter world.  Butterbeer tasted bombsauce, all of the village and castle being right there in real life made me feel like a kid again.  Of course I bought chocolate frogs and all flavor beans for my siblings, and felt the urge to spend more than I had the more I looked around.  I am definitely going back.  There is simply too much to try and see in one day.  

What have your experiences been with Disney cruise lines or Universal Studios?  Let me know what you loved and what you think is a must see! 

Thanks for reading lovelies!  Hope you are having a fantastical week ❤


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