Shoot Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!

I have finally tried to apply to an agency, and I got accepted to Caryn Models and Talent!  I don’t know why I had waited so long to do so, but I suppose I was just used to the other side of the camera.

Lately, I have been trying to work with some new photographers and build up my portfolio so it has better range.  I have been able to work with some really awesome people, and it is always interesting to see different perspectives.  Here are a few samples from the shoots I have done recently.


I am not going to lie though, I can not wait for it to warm up for spring and summer shoots!  I miss the beach, not having to bundle up, and flowy dresses.  I of course have created a board on my pinterest with many ideas and inspirations for upcoming shoots that I would love to try.  Some f them are very floral, with bright colors popping, wavy beach hair, and vibrant makeup to match.  Lovely glowing skin, deep or bright defined lips, and soft hair are trends I am in love with!  


Another Look I would be so excited to try would be the “wet” look.  Usually done by the beach, it would be the glowy, wet, sensual kind of feel that I would want to go for.  I feel like you could really project a lot of emotion through these kinds of shots.


Lastly, although I know it would be extremely messy (probably best done out of doors) I can see doing a powder paint shoot as an amazing idea!  The bright colors and action poses would be so much fun!  I have seen some really stunning photos of dancers where all they did was set up a light or two on someones drive way at night, and lay down a bunch of flour.  The dancers would get some in their hair and on their hands and would whip around their hair and leap.  It looked so graceful and artistic.



So those are the concepts I have been eyeing lately.  Let me know if there are any trends or inspiration that has been on your mind, or if you have shot any of these themes before I would love to see!  For now, I will wait for the warm weather while I sip some more of my hot tea.  Hope you have an amazing week my lovelies, till next time!



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